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E-ticket is ready to launch

Travel portal 15.05.2018 at 20:18

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Information system "E-ticket" is currently completely ready to run, only requires the adoption of several legal acts, said the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov, reports "Interfax".

"is currently "E-ticket" is fully ready for commercial operation. This requires the adoption of several legal acts. Some of these documents have been approved by orders of the Ministry of culture and directed by the office for state registration in the Ministry of justice of Russia, part of the projects of resolutions of the government of the Russian Federation sent to the government of the Russian Federation", — said O. Safonov in an interview published on Tuesday in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

He also recalled that on 1 December 2017 by the order of Federal Agency for tourism service "E-ticket" was introduced into regular operation, at the same time, the Department has provided full access of market participants to the information system.

Answering the question, who should use the "E-ticket", Oleg Safonov said that "service, first of all, the consumers are tourists."

"This is an additional guarantee of performance of the operators of their obligations to them. "E-ticket" will also allow to obtain accurate information about the number of our citizens, vacationers in other countries, the dates of their stay, departure dates and hotels, in which they are placed, which is very important to assist tourists in emergency situations, for example, when terrorist attacks, natural disasters, bankruptcies of tourist companies," — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

"in addition, "E-ticket" will enhance the effectiveness of the system of tourist Charter flights, allowing aviation authorities to relate the volume of the obligations taken on by the airlines, with their real provodniki capabilities," — said O. Safonov.

Also, according to him, "E-ticket" will become "a fundamentally new mechanism of control of sales of the tourist product, a tool for increasing the transparency of the market of tourist services in Russia".

"it's No secret that many firms are illegal operations related to the illegal withdrawal of funds abroad, the underground selling of cash and the like. It notes, in particular, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other bodies authorised to control the activities of financial markets. The new information system will help to counteract financial fraud in the sphere of tourism", — said Oleg Safonov.

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