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Story No. 7 of may 15, 2018

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 14.05.2018 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner

About the benefits of the flies.

Warn that the text is a naturalistic details that can cause rejection, we, the doctors, the people realistic. I apologize for that in sensitive persons.

as a child my mother told me that every living creature need for something that everything created by nature is beneficial.

of what use are flies, I asked mom. Mom, after a short hesitation, replied: "Fly is probably the only exception, they only carry the infection and necessary, except to feed the fish."

I remembered that, any exception to remember more, but my life has developed with flies special and pleasant way. In childhood and adolescence, they irritated me. The attitude towards them began to change when I was in medical school he studied military surgery and found out that flies have saved the lives of a huge number of soldiers during the great Patriotic war.

As it turned out, the soldiers that had lain on the battlefield for some time had infection with gangrene and quickly recovered. This was due to the fact that their wounds would sit fruit flies, which kill pathogenic microbes and literally, that is, melt of dead tissue. As a result, the wounds heal quickly and without complications.

Who invented the myth that the flies spread the infection is unknown, after all, exactly the opposite, flies kill bacteria and promote rapid destruction of sewage.

here is an example from my medical practice. I worked in the outpatient clinic by the surgeon and went on calls to those people who can't get to the clinic on their own. It was mainly the private sector. Once arrived on a call to a private house to a man about 55 years old. Complaining of severe leg pain. Upon inspection of the legs revealed that he had launched gangrene, almost the entire leg was already black. The reason for this is atherosclerosis, poor circulation. By medical standards, even if you put black finger amputation of the leg to the middle third of the thigh. About diagnosis and prospects, I told the patient, said it is urgent, otherwise you may die from intoxication. The man really suffered not so much from pain as from poison from dead tissues enters the blood, once again, I apologize for these details. Of course, a pity to cut off an entire leg, but otherwise death, and in his case, foot has looked completely lost.

Predictably he refused surgery, there is a contingent of people and he is very big, considering that suddenly a disease she will be. Usually in such cases, doctors begin to shout, to scold and frighten, but I saw that it's not going to work. The doctor asked the patient to me - and I have another way to heal?

let me Remind you that it was summer and around the patient's legs were many flies, which he always drove. There is a way, I said, remembering to military surgery, you need to chase away the flies, and allow them to destroy all nekrotizirovannye fabric, as if you were not unpleasant to witness this process. Please do not pull, I added, and immediately call an ambulance if the deterioration of the General condition. The patient replied that he had nothing to lose and it will be the way to try in the absence of other. I gave him a treatment for atherosclerosis and left.

Thought about how he was doing bothered me and about a week later I went to check on him. Happened amazing thing, my eyes appeared a cheerful ruddy people, almost all of his legs were not damaged, destroyed only a few fingers, and everything else was pink and was shaped granulation, went healing legs. Doctor, help flies, gleefully reported by the patient, though they at me are almost never sit down, pain in the leg were completely gone, the feeling is beautiful. Well, I said, and as You in the winter will be without flies? Pick them all winter, I'll cherish dear, he replied.

On this patient broke up and how his fate is unknown to me, I think and hope that all is well. Himself this incident so impressed me that my attitude to flies has been respectful, I fell in love with these little creatures. Now if I have a wound and it flies sit, I wait patiently when they fly off the wound, after talking flies with her wound healing occurs with incredible speed. Do the same thing and my family the truth while actively expressing your emotions, believe these actions are not aesthetic, I doubt it. I calm down, realize that they, unlike me, have not seen any flies work wonders!

Remember grasshopper from a song? He probably knew more people therefore chose their best friends – the flies! I wish you good health and friendship with the flies!

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