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A meeting with the leadership of the defense Ministry and defense industry enterprises

Vladimir Putin held a second meeting on developing the Armed Forces.

the Main topics the implementation of the state defence order and further re-equipment of the army and Navy.

the meeting was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of defence, heads of some enterprises of the military-industrial complex and members of the economic block of the Government.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: colleagues, good afternoon!

We will continue our work and today we will discuss the issues related to the implementation of the state defense order. At the same time asked to report separately the results of the execution of the instructions given on the results of our previous meetings in may and November last year.

Consider also the development of the Navy, will discuss its current status, immediate and long-term objectives in this area.

the High combat readiness and effectiveness of naval forces is crucial for military, economic security of the country, the maintenance of strategic parity and, in General, a significant tool for securing our national interests. And of course, as usual, as always, is a demonstration of our flag in key regions of the World ocean.

In recent years, the scope of tasks of the Navy, has grown significantly. Expanded the geography of its presence, primarily on the Mediterranean sea, North Atlantic and Maritime space in the Asia-Pacific region.

emphasizing clear and concerted efforts of the crews of our ships and submarines during a military operation in Syria. The cruise missile strikes, efficient operation of carrier-based aircraft inflicted serious damage on the terrorists destroyed important infrastructure objects.

the Fulfillment of these and other complex and demanding task made possible largely through the maintenance of high combat and technical readiness of the Navy.

the Build-up of combat potential of the Navy, the practice of long sea voyages, exercise, training should be definitely continued.

planned for this year 102 of the trek ships and submarines. Thus the continuing threat of attacks by international terrorists in Syria in the Mediterranean sea our ships with cruise missiles "Caliber" will bear a constant combat watch.

there is a Need to strengthen the marine component of the Strategic nuclear forces – this will increase the role of the Navy in ensuring nuclear deterrence.

an Important task is the development of multi-purpose naval groups that should be reliable to fend off military threats from the sea directions.

With special attention paid to the coordination of such groups with the Military-space forces, other units and formations of the Armed Forces.

And of course, continue to equip the Navy in the framework of the state armament program with the latest weapons systems, communications, reconnaissance and targeting.

As before, the requirements for quality, timing of execution of tasks of the state defense order should remain the most stringent.

Here is, of course, problematic issues: they relate to the creation of new equipment and repair of surface ships and submarines. Let's hear what specific solutions are offered here.

let's Get to work.