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Quote #450372 16.05.2018 at 07:12

Book Runet

Sitting at the computer on the Internet, your phone is nearby. A call from an unknown number (calling a girl):

- Hello, Hello, you tried calling me?

Trying to remember if I had called someone in the near future. Except that, four hours ago on the courier, from which they took the call for the reason that were in the movie.

I - who are you?

D - Here's my message to you, that I tried to call.

I don't know, I didn't want to phone (at the same time still trying to solve the riddle in mind, who I could call)

D - do You then plan to apologize?

I - Um... what?

D - I'm actually sitting at work, I can't be distracted, found free time to call you...

I - Well, you don't have to call.

D - Here, I had to take time off to go...

Realizing that it is best to get on with it:

I - okay, Okay. I'm sorry for what you called me.

D - Here, I....

At this point I decided to finish our conversation. Thank you, inventor of the blacklist for smartphones.

is a New kind of divorce?

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