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But five minutes is not a lot?

Zadolba!whether 16.05.2018 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali pros. The fact that they consider themselves as the bearers of sacred knowledge, and user sheep, unworthy to be admitted to this knowledge.

the Corporate wifi is configured through the ass and periodically hangs. It's not critical, it is designed for guests not to be bored waiting, but you want to work. They are waiting for me, and get my assistant. She calls it, and begins the same bagpipes: and let him try so-and-so, but better to reboot the device, clear your browser cache and try again. The only way to get to pull cord of the router from the power outlet and plug it back is to go to the Mat in the ultrasonic range. And know that one of their very talented colleague was fired for a similar story, but it's not helping.

the Food in the "Peregrine". Wifi routinely configured in the ass, but it is critical, we need urgently to see your mail. Starts exactly the same as the bagpipes, and just outright rudeness in a raised voice makes a proud flight engineer, Yes, I guess, to reboot the router.

In General, do not be so, Lord pros. If you call with a specific request, just do it. And do not offer the caller reboot the gadget as a universal way to give your Majesty a few extra minutes to finish or to finish my cigarette.

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