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Corning launched in China, a plant to produce LCD substrates, generation of 10.5 G

3DNews: Novosti Hardware 12.05.2018 at 12:18

3DNews: Novosti Hardware

As we previously reported, the world's first plant for the processing of glass substrates (substrates) generation 10.5 G up and running in China. Prior to this, the most advanced production many years was the plant of the company Sharp in Japan, which operated in the substrate generation 10G. With the new production facilities in technological leaders came to the Chinese company BOE Technology Group (BOE). The BOE generation plant of 10.5 G started to work in December of last year in Hefei. The company is building another plant of this generation that will be commissioned near the city of Wuhan in 2019. The third generation plant of 10.5 G was built and put into operation in the first quarter of this year, the company LG Display. To provide the company BOE Technology glass substrates will be Corning — honored manufacturer of various glass. The other day Corning inaugurated in China near the factory, Hefei BOE in the production of substrates for the generation of 10.5 G. the dimensions of the sides of the substrates 10.5 G amount of 3.37 × 2,94 m. the Packages of the relatively fragile plates of similar size far no luck. Delivery substrates the company's BOE, by the way, the Corning plant began in December 2017, but then the two proceedings were in the initial phase of production, and this production in large volumes was not required. Now both plants are starting to operate at full capacity. The start-up generation 10.5 G showed the effect in the first quarter of 2018. During the first quarter of 2018 shipments of 65-inch LCD panel, BOE has grown year-on-year by 136 %.