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"NTV, enough!" Human rights activists demand criminal proceedings against channel

Radio Liberty 16.05.2018 at 17:34

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In the Kirovsky district court of Irkutsk held the first hearing on the complaint of human rights activist Natalya Varshney for illegal refusal in excitation of criminal case and the omission of the regional Investigative Committee, where she spoke about the actions of the employees of the TV channel NTV, violated, according to Varshney, the inviolability of its private life. And then the defenders of Irkutsk came out on the pickets with slogans such as "NTV, stop lying!", "IC, enough to cover NTV". – In November 2017 to us for assistance, please contact Aydin Yusifov, living in the city of Usolye-Siberian the Irkutsk region, who was beaten by law enforcement officers (presumably FSB), forcing to accept the so-called provocation of bribery to the employee of traffic police, – says the coordinator of the Irkutsk branch of the Russian movement "For human rights" Svyatoslav Khromenkov. – As the victim told, in the evening when he approached his car, masked men attacked him, threw him on the ground, buttoned back cuffs and threw him in the van. Then he struck several blows in the kidney area and lower back, and then brought to the Department, which was again beaten and forced to call the "traffic COP" by the name of P. and to offer him a bribe in the amount of 13 thousand rubles for a driver's license. He refused and was subsequently admitted to the hospital with closed cherepno-a brain trauma. We gave him legal assistance, which resulted in a criminal case on torture and ill-treatment, which was subsequently investigated and was not. Soon after, in December 2017 in Irkutsk was "charged" a group of NTV journalists, the result of which was the documentary about the work of human rights defenders in Russia "Right-to-left-2". In the 23rd minute of the movie there was a statement that Irkutsk defenders receive funding from abroad. – The film showed the documents and correspondence that it was impossible to take more outside of email says Khromenkov. – Either revealed themselves "antiwaste", or this information was illegally transferred by security to the NTV journalists who also took it from our email. After shown on NTV of a film at one of the meetings of the Department of education of Irkutsk in the presence of all Directors and their deputies were shown the cutting of the film, NTV, and the portrait of human rights activist Natalia Varshney, which is a part-time teacher of one of Irkutsk schools. "The show was accompanied by a verbal characterization that "we" are shown in the film, the extremists are, and how is it possible to combine the position of head of the "enemy" of the human rights centre and Vice-Director of the school, so I need to make a choice", – says Natalya Varshney. To get on personal reception to the head of the Department of education of Irkutsk it is not maybe a month and a half, despite a written statement of the appointment. After experiencing stress Varshney with his lawyer appealed to the regional investigation Committee with the statement for excitation of criminal case against the NTV journalists. A month later I learned that she refused to even conduct a preliminary investigation. The refusal was appealed to the head of the SU IC of Russia in the Irkutsk region Buneva what later was also rejected. As a result, the human rights activist appealed to the court. The court refused, leaving the complaint without consideration. Re-submitted claim has already been on new grounds was also left without movement. On the fourth time the court decided the merits of the application to be considered. There is no result yet. In parallel with this, the defenders of Irkutsk has sent requests to various law enforcement agencies with a request to provide the materials held in respect of them operational-investigative activity. However, it turned out that it was not conducted. Thus, law enforcement authorities in fact confirmed that by law they could not download data from e-mail Natalia Varshney and transfer them to the NTV journalists. Consequently, the culprit is no longer necessary – the illegal fact of dissemination and receipt of information by journalists of NTV, in fact, proven. This is not the only case of attacks NTV journalists on human rights defenders. In the fall of 2017 human rights activist Andrei Babushkin addressed to the General Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika and the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov appeal about the violation of their rights by the journalists of NTV. We are talking about what is supposedly a convicted Grigory Ioffe, located in the same cell with ex-mayor of Makhachkala said Amirov, has not received proper assistance from human rights activist grandma, while the Amirov human rights activist gave generously of their attention. So this story presented a TV channel. – I could not refuse Grigory Ioffe help, because never in my life have not seen him, wrote to attorney General grandma. – In August 2015, I checked the IR No. 6 in Sol-Iletsk, known as "Black Dolphin". However, Amirov there at the time was not yet. The test lasted seven hours. I was approached by 45 convicted. People with the last name Joffe was not among them. Moreover, among the 145 thousand convicts that appealed to our organization for 20 years of its existence, was not a visionary with a name like that. The defender attempted to find this "complainer", but I couldn't. Who is Grigory Ioffe? – If he was sentenced to life imprisonment, his crime was to be loud and resonant, says grandma. – Typed the word "convicted Grigory Ioffe". However, the "popping up" Chairman of the Public chamber of the Crimea. Does he? No, Grigorii Adolfovich free. Type in the name of Ioffe with the phrase "Black Dolphin". I know that in the Crimea propose to introduce responsibility for the murder of dolphins. It seems that in addition to the NTV film crew about the existence of Grigory Ioffe no one else knows. Another human rights activist Valery Prihodkin lives and works in Chelyabinsk. She says she is afraid to leave home because she once literally attacked the NTV journalists. – Not so long ago I had a stroke, barely survived. And so this spring when I got out of the house with his year old grandson, I was attacked the NTV journalists. They wouldn't let me pass, was blocking the way. All this in front of my neighbors and relatives. My grandson was frightened and cried all the time, we even had late to call the ambulance, she says. You know, somewhere they know where I live, in which the entrance and, most importantly, when you get out of the house! Or they illegally tapped my phone, or they transmit information to law enforcement agencies, which, again illegally, my phone is tapped. Before leaving the house I phoned a relative and said that I'll leave in 15 minutes. In one of the plots NTV "hit" Sverdlovsk human rights activist Larisa Zakharova, an advocate of torture in the Ural region. The Federal channel has published her intimate videos that were illegally recorded and distributed by staff of the local penitentiary service during her Dating with the civil husband in the penal colony №3 of the city of Krasnoturinsk. Video got to other TV channels Lifenews and Ren. In order to defend their honor and dignity, Zakharova addressed to the court which made the denial of the claims. Now her complaint is under consideration in the European court of human rights in Strasbourg. – All complicated by the fact that my husband at the time was behind bars, says Larisa Zakharova. I was afraid that because of my lawsuits would torture him. And he really was threatened. Now, when he's home, it became a little easier. Another thing is that I still can't recover from that in private life that's so easy to take on and to shove their hands dirty. It turns out that fsinovtsy in order to put pressure on someone of the prisoners can just take and put the camera in the visiting room, where he lawfully spends with his wife a while, and then, in case of disobedience, put the video on the Internet. About the respect for family life speech in this country, of course, is not. Over the past year, victims of NTV journalists are dozens of Russian human rights activists. And as noted most of them before appeared on the horizon NTV, be sure to have happened some considerable history of violation of someone's rights, they had to hush up. For example, the history of torture in Usolye-Sibirskoye, Irkutsk which investigated the human rights activist Natalia Varshney. Or the history of torture in IK-2, Chelyabinsk, where the employees of the FSIN killed a prisoner of Chechen Israilov, which was actively covered Chelyabinsk, a human rights activist Valery Prihodkin. Or the history of torture in Ivdel colonies of the Sverdlovsk region, which was still in the Ekaterinburg lawyer Larisa Zakharova.