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My May 9. Sergey Konstantinov – on hangers

Radio Liberty 17.05.2018 at 06:15

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Died down the next Day. The next day came a momentary lull, almost from the very morning removed a banner "happy birthday, beloved city!", and in the fifth corner Opochetskaya of the center of additional educational programs, where before it was like "Victory!" now neutral the schedule of sections and groups. The event was held. Similar was the situation the day after the election on 18 March: 19 th all of the many billboards removed. It can be stated that the Executive order on top. And the news are hearing that the President signed a decree on the preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. There is no doubt that 74th and 75th anniversary will be held with the appropriate state scale. But there are always those who do not go to the column of his organization on the Central squares of their cities. As in recent years, I are servants-public sector, that have experienced all the "charms" of persuasion and command to come to the demonstration. Here and now hear, as the head approaches the cleaning lady, "Marina Andreevna (name changed), tomorrow for the parade at 10:30 meet in front of the library". This style I observed in one such office. I'm not sure how they come to this, but apparently there's no other way to be nowadays a leader-public sector. Perhaps even the fact that psychologically normal person it is difficult to resist the categorical statement and rudeness. Rudeness, and even such rapid that it's difficult to resist – and if it's the boss, but in working time came up to you, the Willy-nilly triggered such a mechanism: a boor, it is better not to argue, if only behind. This bureaucratic "meat" this office "plankton" in the public institution reduced to the level of the very "vegetable", a docile crowd. People, turned into a function ("functional", as they say), which I try not to notice anything human, personal, which again turned into cogs in the state machine. And who will ask the cog, well, it would seem that the basic questions: "What are your plans for tomorrow? Would you like to take part in the parade tomorrow in our column?" The main thing is that people who "bent" and drove to the event and not themselves at the call of soul came to the festival, this event will not cause any response in the hearts. A friend at work may 10: "Well why didn't you come? We – he says – came, laughed, balloons inflated in four minutes reached the square, and ran". I myself leaving the garage, saw the head of the organization Department in 20 minutes after the start of the March at a quick pace heading towards the garage. For him the event has already been held. My colleague talked at the parade with representatives of neighboring columns and saw that more of them than in years past, asked: why? It turned out that they came by written order and for the day off. This is how much you need to respect not only their subordinates, but in the end he "great Victory"! But when they come up to you to either verbally or in writing order to go to a parade is served how? A conscious leader has not forgotten that there will be a Day of Victory, he is overwhelmed by emotion due to the upcoming holiday, here come to you – not as a conscious, quite lazy and forgetful to remind them about civic duty and lift you up at least temporarily on your own height. But no, as you can see, all scatter pretty quickly. Who succeeded will receive a certificate Care whether this guide? No, because the user is only interested in mass pass in the columns – and then run away. The same practice was also in last March's elections. What was the setting then? To vote in the first half of the day, up to 15 hours a callback to the head of Department, and he in turn had to report "up". So why they work, the leaders of the budget and not only institutions, which they turned into the guard of this bureaucratic flock from the same "top" all the forces baranwal gostv? The answer to this question appeared in our local newspaper: the acting Governor of the region came to Opochka and, among others, were awarded diplomas for active participation in presidential elections of the Russian Federation. That is bureaucratic, the bureaucratic state: they humiliated themselves, humiliated others, violate labor laws, because time off is provided for work on a weekend or holiday, and not for participating in demonstrations. But only to do the will, as if it's still wildly funny and still seemingly impossible sounds, in our formally democratic country to execute the will of a single man who wants to make it so, and not otherwise. Who succeeded will receive a certificate. And look: the easier it is to evaluate their work (as in elections where turnout is considered), the greater the pressure, because the higher "to the top", the more there needs to be significant merit and that there is attached to them. Well, what we – those who did not go? Remember, as in the song: "Well, we, well, we – homosexuals, drug addicts, Nazis, punks. As one, socially dangerous, and for each the prison cries". Not to say that you feel like a hero and a pariah, but some depression are present. But I was lucky, our house was a little book, released this year to win the Day in the Pskov region, called "Streets on the map of the Pskov region". I have not read may 9, and later, on the weekend, and experienced the feelings that I think must people experience in our country on this day. First of all, a sense of terrible injustice and sorrow of the people, which has fallen to the Great Patriotic war, the pain of those experiences, what they had to endure, the pride and admiration of their exploits. When you read the life stories of specific people, understand the meaning of the phrase "the war was won by the people" because our war consisted of such daily feats (because this book contains only the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union, in whose honor named street in the Pskov region, how many of them were more!) soldiers, officers, partisans. And who knows at what point which may at first not noticeable (because there are those who were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and in 60-e years, not only during the war or immediately after) feat turned the tide of the war and the Nazi machine reversed? Still we can not say about another fact: how many of them were volunteers. If it is not military personnel, not those who call caught in the army, it is the volunteers, and among them were many women. All you can do is attach themselves to us or attach us Here hnarovs'ke Valeriya Osipovna (years of life 18.10.1923 – 23.09.1943). In September 1941, the hnarovs'ke family was evacuated to Siberia. The quote in the book: "Valeria has repeatedly appealed to the local military enlistment office, demanding to send her to the front, but each time was refused. In the spring of 1942 the village of Komsomolskaya Pravda Bordure gained admission they formed there in 229 th infantry division. So Valeria and her friends passed military training and studied health business. In July 1942 the division was sent to Stalingrad front in the 64-th army and immediately joined in the heavy fighting in which Valeria hnarovs'ke showed bravery, introducing yourself wounded from the battlefield... 23 Sep 1943 in fighting near the village of Ivanenko medical 907 th infantry regiment 244 th infantry division Valeria pulled out on itself wounded and took them to the dressing station. At this time in the direction of the aid station broke two German tanks. Saving the wounded, hnarovs'ke with a bunch of grenades rushed under one of them and blew it, the second was hit by the rescue of the red army: the German counterattack was repulsed, removed the threat of destruction of the headquarters of the regiment, a combat regiment, the task is executed. After the battle, local residents found the body of Valerie and buried. In honor of the girls of the village Ivanenko was renamed in hnarovs'ke... In the village of Plyussa in her honour named a street and a monument". But there is one "but". After reading the book "Street of Heroes" I went back to the beginning and stumbled on the first and second page on photos of Vladimir Putin and acting Governor of the Pskov region M. Vedernikov. Look, we have, of course, scroll as scrolls of Marx, Engels, Lenin, but it has its own name: "cling". Including "cover up" something that didn't belong to you. All you can do is attach themselves to us or attach us to himself. Anything you come up with for us to like Spud his flock – trying to attach themselves to you: greedy, cynical, talentless, heartless, selfish to the Russian authorities. And you think we will listen to you? Wrong. Sergey Konstantinov – blogger, Pskov oblast Expressed in category "Blogs" opinions may not reflect the views of the editorial staff of Radio Liberty