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Adhesive prosthesis

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 16.05.2018 at 02:32

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Adhesive prosthesis is a unique method of installation of dental prostheses, in the absence of one or two dental units, which is used by professional dentists fix the implants in the dentition, without violating the integrity of adjacent crowns.

Modern podiatrists widely use this highly effective method is the newest technologies and developments of our experts enable us to meet the needs of most patients national dental offices, clinics and medical centers.

the Adhesive prosthesis is one of the most progressive methods of installation of dental implants, eliminating the patient's various discomfort, as pravilo that accompany such procedures. The installation of a dental prosthesis to replace the lost tooth by means of fixing to the adjacent crowns — using a thin strip of fiberglass, fixing the new tooth with special glue.

In a relatively short time ahdesive dentures have won great popularity among our fellow citizens, seeking to put in order the appearance of the teeth, installing implants of the highest quality for a reasonable price.

every year the number of people wishing to use the services of orthopedist in the provision of dentures by this method is growing exponentially — the latest methods of modern medicine are in high demand patients denture clinics and dental centers.

the Method adeziunea prosthesis allows you to save nerves tooth enamel of adjacent teeth, leaving the functionality unchanged. This method of implantation protivopokazan patients about complex pathologies and periodontitis — opernye strong and healthy teeth allow you to use this method with virtually no restrictions.

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