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Media: Wedding diet Prince Harry is also suitable for "mere mortals"

MComp 19.05.2018 at 20:22

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Reported that it can adhere to even people of modest means. So eat like a king tried for thousands of Brits and even a journalist. The impressions he shared with readers.

As it turned out, the secret pre-wedding diet son of Princess Diana is quite simple. Nutritionist Michelle dudash made up the menu for the Prince, in which the main place was taken whole unprocessed fruits without fats and carbohydrates. Was denied access to "junk food" because of the high content of TRANS fats and cholesterol. Initially overcomes the idea that to adhere to this pre-wedding diet can only the Royal family, and the rest on the second day will be ready "to kill for a hamburger".

still, the diet was healthy and well fed. The experimenter noted that "refined" cuisine of the Prince came to his liking and he decided to radically revise its approach to nutrition. According to him, the seasoned fruits do not cause the desire to add salt or sugar. Therefore, such a diet does not cause heaviness in the stomach. One more thing – you need to drink only food, clean water and eliminating other drinks, even tea.

after Sitting on a diet only a week, the journalist dropped a few pounds and got rid of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract. He says that this diet is good for "mere mortals".

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