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The mother of 17-year-old girl spoke about the "quiet" of death that killed her daughter

MComp 20.05.2018 at 00:22

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Maddy's Mother Orford is still reeling from the death of his daughter. The whole family is trying to get out of despair. But the family found the strength to warn all parents about the "silent disease" that can kill.

Maddy's Mother recalls that her daughter was always cheerful, loved sports, always had a smile and wanted to become a forensic scientist. She almost graduated from high school and even traveled to neighboring cities to universities, who were going to take the course. Parents, remember that's when it became sluggish, but they chalked it up to fatigue – girl after school went to University on a course, and after doing homework and football.

one from soccer practice, the girl went to the hospital because I lost consciousness. After a long examination, it turned out that the girl has cardiomyopathy, which means one of the valves of her heart was enlarged. The parents knew that this could be passed on a genetic level, and may be due to infection. However, they reported that in their family no one suffered from this disease.

a few months after the girl stood in line for a heart transplant, they were able to find a suitable body. Unfortunately, it did not stick. It was therefore decided to carry out the operation again. But that third heart is not caught. A few days after the transplant, Maddie had suffered a massive haemorrhage and left her in a coma. A week later she died.

the Doctors who operated on Maddie, explained that regular examination of the heart does not protect against cardiomyopathy. First and foremost, physicians must be knowledgeable in this area so the patient could receive better treatment. The doctors also said that you need to look for an alternative method of treatment because organ donors are too few and will not be able to save everyone.

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