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Inomoderator of the month in may and June

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 16.05.2018 at 18:51

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Anomodontia In the months of may and June is the Pilot. 20% discount

This means that through June 30 you can buy EM Pilot with 20% discount from the base price!

we Remind that the action "Inomoderator of the month" can be enjoyed by our guests and club members!

For club members and partners store the discount is combinable with their discount.

EM Pilot was created for one, but it turned out for that, and for another, and for the third.

surprised! As the saying goes, Jack of all trades!

But, in fact, as it turns out almost all unimodularly.

what is special about the Pilot?

in order to understand this, we have again to talk a little bit about stress.

don't worry, I'll try not to be a Killjoy, but a link to another article still give (it will be under the text).

so, let's begin with.

the Stress is inseparable from our lives. And don't argue. There would be stress, there would be no us. He is our protector, our Savior! He is always in time will warn you of danger!

And we have to make a choice – to run away from him or resist (fight, fight, fight, fight, bite, cry, sulk...). And maybe even hide if nowhere to run away.

So, we need to love the stress.

But as they say, everything is good in moderation.

If we:

won't listen to what is trying to convey to us our stress, we will not understand its "language" and what he wants us to "tell", then we can turn the situation into a deadlock, pushing yourself into chronic stress.

If you look closely at any life conflict, you will understand that ALWAYS we are faced with three options: either to run away or to fight or to hide. Like that knight at the crossroads.

for Example, the graduate school must decide what UNIVERSITY to act. And to do it at all.

How can he act?

1. He can decide that without higher education, people live well. So, well it this UNIVERSITY.

What did he do in this case? He ran away from the problem or hiding from it.

2. But he may decide to go to College. In this case, he picked a fight, battle, action. And, most likely, he will be the winner.

And so everywhere and in everything we have to make a CHOICE which way to go!

But people are so interestingly arranged that it is often the need to make a choice for it is a heavy psychological load, which causes stress.

on the one hand, we understand that in choices there is nothing wrong. It's great when there is a choice! It's freedom - freedom of choice, freedom of will! Isn't that what we dreamed of not so long ago?

What is stress, really?

the Stress is only the adaptive response of the body. And how strong is this reaction, depends only on us. Rather, our thinking, our worldview. Our relationship to a particular situation. The calmer and wiser it will be, the more adequate will be our actions.

Yes, not always we manage to cope with what life presents us. We are "happy" owners of all sorts of qualities that hinder us to become strong, wise and happy.

But there is good news. We can change ourselves, and hence our life if we have the desire to learn.

"Oh, again, about changing yourself and your thinking," probably, I think you are reading these lines.

Yes, again. What to do? It simply can't.

have You tried anything here? It turned out that things are not so simple?

Maybe you are not so tried. Maybe you quit trying halfway. Maybe something else happened. I don't know. But the fact that you have not brought the matter to an end – it is unique.

you Can, of course, to accept, and continue to drift. But you can still move forward. What to choose – it's yours. We can only offer you help in one form or another. But to do it for you we can do nothing.

To itself, we have made the choice to change!

We know that's not easy! We know about all the difficulties that may arise along the Way. But "be like children", and you will succeed ))

And to make it easier to change, easier to make the choice easier to make the right decisions, it is easier to do the right thing, we have for you a great helper - unimodular under the name of the Pilot.

its name suggests that it helps us keep the right course.

it does not matter whether it is about choosing a future profession, or how to "handle" the situation on the road, or how to prioritize in terms of performing their daily duties.

In all such situations, the Pilot will support.

by the Way, the Pilot is very fond of men, especially drivers. So many unusual stories involving a Pilot we've heard over the years! Women also love the Pilot. But they have their own stories.

so, UM, the Pilot strengthens such qualities as:

dedication, attention, concentration, will to achieve goals. And most importantly - it helps the person to get closer to a clear understanding and awareness of their priorities. And it already simplifies the problem of choice.


recovering the initiative, overcome indecision, passivity, fear of responsibility, and, crucially, eliminates unnecessary anxiety and nervousness. In fact, the Pilot enhances your own intuitive channel person. At what level, how quickly and in what form "tips" will be up to the person depends on him. The main condition is to remain attentive and receptive.

So why is the Pilot we have become anomodontia month in may-June?

First of all, because in may starts the most difficult time for our youth. Someone exams, someone finishes school and has to choose where to study.

in addition, in may we remember that we have a garden. We are his favorite car and go out of town for the weekend. And this is a road, sometimes not close. This is a "working" driver that require attention, calm, quick response.

And the Pilot can help in all these cases?

Using the Pilot, it is recommended that:

• to tune in a positive way,

• to try to imagine (but better writing) the tasks which must be solved in the near future (for example, in the next month),

• and have to believe in success!

go for it!

good Luck to everyone who is on the Way!

If you want to read more about the Pilot, go to the relevant page.

Here , for example, the Pilot may be useful for pupils and students - read more >>

And here everything what can be useful for Pilot - read more >>

Here what people write about Pilot -



Article about stress - "Stress the silent killer".

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