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Culture / Cinema

Freccia – beast in human form / Lynema la belva umana (1981) BDRip

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Bloody bandit, a beast in human form, the most wanted man in all of Italy. The Newspapers placed photos. Meanwhile, the employee of the chocolate factory clumsy Fraccia, the subject of ridicule colleagues, he went with it descended to the lady in the movie. There's something identified him! This is the beast in human form! Prepared special operation, the police were going to tie it in the restaurant. Interrogation has shown that, alas, is not taken bandit, but the poor fool Freccia. But the resemblance is phenomenal! Released, but Frakciju took another patrol, history repeated itself. And repeatedly. In the end of Fraccia issued a certificate that he is not a beast in human form. Freccia returned home there it was waiting for a double...