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Womens running shoes Auupgo quite live up to its name 'Ay! Get up and move!'

Shopper reviews shopping online stores in the world and ordinary stores 23.05.2018 at 15:40

Shopper reviews of shopping in online stores and shops / RSS channel

Hi. Today, talk about sneakers, bought in the Chinese online store. The decision to order Chinese shoes took on a trace of reason to buy expensive shoes for occasional wear teen, whose foot grows on the eyes, considered inappropriate. For everyday wear a few pairs of sneakers and specialty sneakers purchased within the 60-80ue, but for exercise buy in recent years her cheap Chinese shoes in the local "boutiques", sometimes with the smell of disposable and unremarkable.

These sneakers have been ordered, when their value does not exceed 40ue. And the price is completely justified itself. Looking at today's prices, we would have thought about buying this noname.

Pro sneakers, you can definitely tell that they are sturdy, comfortable. Not a fact (as a daughter), but at least the chance to meet in the city in such shoes someone else is minimal.

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