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Hello, Internet! Great, virus digital dementia!

A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose 21.05.2018 at 15:05

Modern prose for adults and fantasy, pathos, intelligence and lies.

Don't be naughty, baby, with the gadget — reptile will!

That crocodiles do not fly, the girl learned from her grandmother, who died shortly afterwards.

a year later, the girl wanted to hear in the gadget my mom gave me, little memoriesi story.

the Time passed and the girl learned that there are not only crocodiles, but also domestic geese and ducks. The girl liked to listen to short umoristicheskie stories from the Internet. And she already knew that domestic ducks and geese do not fly too. They are bred for meat and eggs and fatty liver; in addition, they get a feather and down. And crocodiles are bred in the pools of the rich oligarchs in their luxurious villas.

Read more... Hello, Internet! Great, virus digital dementia!

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