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Drugs Bipin and Bikaner for bees

Reviews of goods and services 23.05.2018 at 10:53

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Lose bees with varroa mites is the most dangerous for the whole family. The varroa has several ways of infection, the tiny pests feed on the brood and working individuals. If untreated bees instantly obessolivanija and eventually die.


the Drug Bisnar for bees is a very effective tool for dealing with adults varroa. Mites are destroyed in a short time, the tool can be used for the treatment and prevention of varroatosis. Bisnar is available in the form of a transparent yellowish liquid with a specific aroma. Part medications include:

thymol; oxalic acid; oil of coriander and fir.

the Advantage of the drug is not addictive ticks when used regularly for a long time. Bisnar used in two ways – standard (treatment of hives in medicine, mixed with water, with a syringe) and fumigation by using smoke guns or sublimation.

for security purposes, use of the drug need, protecting gloves and a face mask. It is strictly forbidden to use Bisnar in its pure form, be sure to dilute with water in order to avoid overdose and death of bees from the medication.


Bipin is no less effective a cure for the varroa that do not have toxic effects on bees. It is important to observe the correct proportions of the drug, it can be used even at low temperatures.

is Available in the form of a yellowish liquid in ampules, the active substance – amitraz. Has a strong odor, so the beekeeper, it is recommended to use a respirator. The treatment is made by spraying atomized diluted in water of the drug, it is possible to use a conventional syringe. Before you apply the medicine to all the bees, it is recommended to use it on a few hives.

This method of treatment does not inhibit the vital functions of bees, the honey collected after the treatment of hives, it is edible, does not contain toxic substances. Experts suggest doing the treatment of hives in the autumn, when there is no brood, but until the frost.

At the online store you can buy medicines for bees, in particular Bipin and Bikaner. Follow the manufacturer's instructions printed on each packing, will not only cure the infected individuals, but also to protect them from the recurrence of varroa.

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