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Review of the film "Han Solo: Star wars. History" Reviews 24.05.2018 at 14:46

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Exciting New story from the universe of "Star Wars" about the legendary heroes and events of the distant past. The new film will tell about the adventures of a young space daredevil Han Solo and his trusty companion Chewbacca, and how they were the fastest drivers and the most cunning smugglers in a distant Galaxy.

Han Solo, anyway, the character mysterious it came from nowhere, got involved in an adventure with the help of the rebels is exclusively Mercantile interest, and quite a bit of sympathy for Lee Body. The smuggler, one of the most wanted characters in the galaxy, and the hero, which would like to compose legends. It is difficult to say, whether held for Lawrence in the head with his story since "return of the Jedi" , but the feeling that the script "Han Solo" collecting dust in my Desk forty years, no leaves while watching. Like the first trilogy, it's still anti-militarist movie with actual statements of Empire, which encroaches on alien planets under the pretext of preserving democracy, simultaneously pumping out natural resources. And a classic Western, the motives which lay in the basis of "a New hope", about a group of guerrillas-the Avengers-the rebels who seek to regain the powers that the right to use these resources. The spirit of the new times appear, except that that the "lady in distress", according to the rules of triumphant feminism, she will not give in insult in the men's wardrobe of a woman will always find yourself what to dress up, and a militant robot-pilot is able to raise a slave rebellion in the 80s about this and thought it was difficult. The place Leah was defined — if you're not with a Blaster, then sit in a Golden swimsuit in the harem of the king of the underworld.

it just So happened that the Studio is LucasFilm so highly lifted a lath of adventure films, and Marvel Studios in recent years has put the staging of adventure universal scale on stream that the next film, addressed to an audience hungry for entertainment, should be, if not innovative, it is certainly not inferior to the level of competition. And if from the number of episodes of "Star wars" audience is not waiting for miracles — would be told to end the story of Skywalker and it is fine, "Star wars. History" was created as an opportunity to expand the universe and to try new things without compromising the core of the Saga, allowing the Directors to look at classic characters with fresh eyes.

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, as first Gareth Edwards and Rian Johnson, was supposed to be for "Star wars" the most pints of fresh blood, but too radical an approach "the LEGO Movie" and "Macho and nerdy" did not match the biorhythms intuition with producer Kathleen Kennedy. Young Yes early seek to do the story, but their names have rushed to erase from the tablets of "the distant galaxy" — the founding fathers want out of these "stories" to squeeze every last penny, and while not all invested in the purchase of the brand "Star wars" money back, to take risks and experiment no one will. Unlike fans of improvisation and experimentation on the ground, the old horse, Ron Howard, furrow not spoil, but the new is not plowed. Remade three quarters of the film, and delivered "Han Solo" from the boldness, fresh ideas and vivid images, making the resulting film seemed to be hatched during the "willow" and limped to the twenty-first century, scattering on the way to the sand. Here and related to Jabba the Hutt alien freaks, and Lavretsky monster lurking in the depths of space, and Solo shoots first — it's all there, but there is not a single scene that would be etched in my memory, not a single frame that would be asked in frame on the wall. Oh, where are you, blood-red furrows in the salt desert of the "Last of the Jedi" ? Not them! There is only the good old flying in the dead of space with a predictable result and devoid of epic proportions battle for Cosmote with the villain — it's cheap and somehow parochial.

the War is for young people. They know better what happened in those ancient times in a distant galaxy, because they grew up on the stories. They have something to say, while time-tested Directors and writers ready to facelift an old story in a new way, a neat passing on the edge of the slippery megacorporations and invasion of other worlds to enforce their world order — it is not their battle, they don't need to prove anything to anyone, and then it is too stilted, cardboard and black and white, and you no shadow of morality.

a Good movie, wine and brandy, time-tested. After years behind the scenes stories and bad films are forgotten, there is only the finish and a memory of something bright and new. Those who found his luck, a long surf on a distant galaxy, creating new worlds and new trilogy. The rest have to plod along the sidelines of history and podmigivat fans of the good old movie from the eighties, showing a couple of moments on the screen Warwick Davis. Oh, that's nice, but whatever you say — the last century.