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The node tests, a series regular.

Relevant Posts — 25.05.2018 at 18:43

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Disclaimer — the article is full of incomprehensible numbers, it lacks the intrigue of human relationships at a height of 8K+, carefree girlish laughter and hedonism in all its forms - which, of course, saddened by not only readers, but authors. It is recommended to read before bed to combat insomnia.

Speaking dry language of the Protocol, in the framework of updating methodical recommendations UMK HEADLIGHTS, with the use of modern materials and equipment, with the support of companies VENTO , SingingRock and Lanex ( Tendon ) conducted a series of tests, involving the use of some popular knots.

to put it simply, we spent a few days checking out General considerations and rechecking a number of foreign sources. Careful inspections were subjected to the nodes of the stirrup and polushutlivo tied to the carabiner, as well as oak (aka European Knot Dead, aka EDK), how they behave on different materials to evaluate the limits of applicability and other characteristics of use.