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Movies — the winners of our raffle

Wedding and family photographer 23.05.2018 at 18:47

Michael noses

Recently conducted a raffle and Asya became one of the winner. She told us their love story! Which goosebumps) We have planned 1 winner, but could not pass by such interesting interweaving of destinies! And was decided to make a family movie About them, for them, about them

Below the story of Asya:

"Our love story began in 2013. Seemingly ordinary office romance, but no, this is my story. A story has done for me then future husband)

the biggest surprise for me was the day he proposed to me July 7, 2013.

All that he said to me: "Take a sports suit, sneakers and a camera." I dutifully loaded all in a bag and off we went. First Canas. Train. Metro. Station. Airport. First flight on the plane. Again the airport. We flew to Mineralnye Vody. Here we were waiting for a taxi. Again the road, but I didn't understand where we're going. He had it all planned out. Pointer Kabardino-Balkaria, but even after seeing it I had no idea what was waiting for me. And now, after two hours I saw the sign Elbrus. It was just indescribable beauty, which eclipsed all thought. I was just enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

the first day we just walked at the foot, because the lifts were not working and the weather was cloudy. Could not see the beauty.

the next day, out on the balcony, I saw something that just words cannot describe. Snowy peaks, mountain, oblachka passing almost over your head... We went on the lift and I'm like bewitched, I looked around, trying to see and remember everything that was around. We climbed to an altitude of 3800 meters. Breathing was hard enough, breathing was way off. We walked around, there were a lot of tourists. And so, he waited until they were gone. Got down on one knee and asked the most important question. I never thought one could experience such emotions, when I want to cry, but only from the overflowing of happiness. It was my tale, a tale with a length of 22 hours spent there. 22 hours we reached the Elbrus, 22 hours back, and 22 hours we were there.

exactly a year Later on 7 July, we have a daughter".

Here are the interesting matches and dates!

to Order family movies can be vol. 8 927 8535 444

We can make a movie about your family!

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