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Italian football player shot his girlfriend and committed suicide

Naples Slavonic 27.05.2018 at 07:11

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The Tragedy ended the history of the football club "Tottakai" from the Italian Serie D Federico Zini and his ex-girlfriend Eliza'amato. According to local media, they were found dead.

the cause of the tragedy was the desire of the athlete to resume a relationship with a girl on the eve of his birthday. He came to visit her in the city of Prato , but she refused his offer. Apparently, he was prepared for this outcome and intended to solve the problem radically. Neighbors heard gunshots and called the police, but by the time of arrival of law enforcement officials the girl was already dead.


Zini put the body in his car and left the scene. After driving some distance, he stopped and killed himself. Their bodies were discovered in the car.

Boris Stepanov, "the Russian Newspaper"