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Samsung will release a smartphone with Android Go

Http:// - All about the technique of Samsung 26.05.2018 at 00:00

All about the technique of Samsung

For a couple of weeks in the network actively discussed the probability of a new Korean brand phone with Android Axis Go aboard. At this time, this gadget is still under development. The company's managers as it is not confirmed or anything and have not denied the rumors about the new phone company. Phone with Android Go on Board wouldn't cost much, likely it will be with a minimum of functionality. Those who track the release of new gadgets by circumstantial evidence, already gathered enough evidence that a new budget phone will be running Android Go. The manufacturer will finish the device in the near future. In order to make it clearer reception that the new Android version 8.0 Oreo it is precisely the same Axis Android Go. The essence of the idea lies in the fact that Android Go is supposed to work much faster on smartphones with weak hardware. Weak iron we as usual put on a budget device, so that the new Axis we will see probably on a new budget Samsung. The new Axis will lose superfluous, but really need it will stay. As a result the new system will smartly work with phones which have OP-level 1Gb. In order for the services from Google worked faster on the new gadgets created by lightweight types of popular applications. Now with maps from Google and even video hosting YouTube will be less shipping system, but at the same time will work at the proper level. Everything is done for the sake of those who do not have enough money to enjoy all the pleasures of modern software, with some significant editing. Here is something anyone saw in the store network SM-J260G, this phone just is osechenka from Google and not quite advanced iron OP up to 1Gb. In some stores described phones with Android OS 8.1 on Board, what kind of Axle it is hard to say, but with high probability we can assume that it is the ultimate Android Go. The software developers create lightweight apps for the new Axle and hardware developers create even lightweight processors, for example a chip Universal7570_Go, which is essentially a stripped-down Exynos 7570. All think and wonder about the new phone, he'll probably be a sequel series, Galaxy J, and its name will be Galaxy Core J2. Think so only because recently we heard rumors that Samsung patents a new name for your new gadget, so probably it's not just fiction, but a fiction with some truth. The desire to add to the title a prefix "J2 Core" in principle, anyone never hurts, but before such a device with the same name will appear on the market, you need to go through several legal procedures. As for Samsung, the company all patented not in a hurry, everything is ahead of time allowed in the patent direction, so that in the future not to pay large compensation to trolls and who wish to earn money on behalf of the company. Android Go-phone from Samsung will probably come out even under a different number and a different name, all that is expected may be nothing more than a fantasy.