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Flowermate PURE HIT

Best vaporizer | Best Vaporizer store ecig and accessories. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg - latest products 17.05.2018 at 06:01

To buy Vaporizer for herbs and oils and accessories for ecig BEST VAPORIZER - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg

16.000 p.14.400 p.

Vaporizer Flowermate PURE HIT V1 is a portable device of a conventional type, for use with herbs, oils and centers. The device is made of stainless steel and high quality glass, which is used in medicine. You will not feel any plastic flavor in the pair, as it can be in other models of the vaporizer made using plastics. Vaporizer PURE HIT features 5 modular components that allow you to mount the device for easy transport. Package includes module water filtration that enables you to filter the vapor, making it softer. You can use the device as with this module. Removable battery capacity of 5000 mAc ensures long operation on one charge cycle. In the starting configuration, you get a battery of 26650 format, but in addition the format of the vaporizer can be powered by battery size 18650, which is more common, and buy an extra power supply is not difficult. Digital temperature control in increments of one degree will allow you to configure the optimal. Maximum temperature 230 ° C. vibration Function will alert you when the device is ready to use. Moreover, the camera changes its color from brown to red, showing that it is heated. Vaporizer is ready to use as soon as it turns red. The size and shape of the device is similar to such well-known vaporizer, Arizer Air as 2. But at the same time PURE HIT is clearly superior to its nearest competitor, according to characteristics such as battery power and water filtration. Before operation, we strongly recommend that you read the instructions, where you will find additional and useful information.

Vaporizer Flowermate PURE HIT V1 - package:

Vaporizer Pure Hit – 1 PC.

Tank water filter with mouthpiece, 1 PC.

Ceramic heating chamber without spirals with a built – in atomizer- 1pc.

the Camera with three quartz spirals– 1 PC.

26650 Battery from the company Flowermate capacity of 5000 mA/h – 1 PC.

Cap for the filling – 1 item

the Ceramic chamber for dry substances change color – 1 PC.

stainless steel Filters for the camera – 5 PCs

Tool for stuffing – 1 item

cleaning Brush – 1 PC.

the charging Cable to the USB – 1 PC.

Package includes instructions in English. With instructions for the vaporizer Flowermate PURE HIT V1 you can see by clicking below. The file will open in a new window in PDF format:

manual for vaporizer Flowermate Pure HIT