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Update 2.6.1 a

Diablo® III 29.05.2018 at 23:40

Last update: may 29 at 20:00 GMT

We have released a small addition to the update 2.6.1 a for Diablo III for PC and Mac. Here is a description of the novelties in the PC version.

note: you will automatically be prompted to download the update only when it will be released in your region. International access to a particular region will also be suspended while in this region will not take effect the changes.

Diablo III — update 2.6.1 a, version

a List of issues you'll find on the forum.

With any issues while downloading and installing updates when you connect to the services of Blizzard or the game, please visit the Blizzard support site or forum.


Razer® Chroma Link Added support for the technologies used in computer peripherals. Changes on the server side changes to optimize server performance.