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The gender experiment in Britain has shocked the whole country

MComp 01.06.2018 at 00:52

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It was Held last April. More than 10 thousand companies provided data on the difference in remuneration for women and men. In some cases it reached 60 percent.

Now organizations will have to decide how to rectify the situation. The theme of the low earnings of women compared to the male half rises often, however, these figures shocked the whole country. Public organizations promise that they will hold similar gender experiments as often as possible in order to constantly monitor the situation.

Britain has for several years encouraged companies that voluntarily provide the difference in pay for women and men. This recommendation, however, long ignored while the state has not made it into law. Under the new regulation, each of the company, which employs 250 people, you need to provide information about payments. The relevant law is a response to numerous complaints from employees.

For example, broadcasting company BBC is funded fully from the state budget, because obliged to provide detailed information about payments. Despite its status, the company observed a significant difference in pay between women and men. Top positions men are paid more than 2 million pounds, while women can expect only a quarter of this amount. After the publication of these data more than 200 employees filed complaints against their low salaries.

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