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Urgent!!! Week hot prices.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 01.06.2018 at 13:38

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, from 1 to 9 June announced unprecedented action "Week hot prices." In fact, you can have a discount of 20% on all unimodularity, including breeze-7. Why suddenly such generosity and what to do to obtain these discounts, read the link "read more".

the fact that the club's office goes on summer vacation, around mid-June. The exact number is not know, but before 15 will try this idea to realize.

of Course, our work will continue, just in a slightly different format. And in the fall we'll see what's what. By the way, this will largely depend on you.

We understand that the Club KIT as a homeland, must be always. We will. But it's time for new energies, new ways of working, creative decisions. So we'll be creative together.

►If we can arrange some sort of pickup point (for those who very much want us to see), then we'll do it.

►If it is not possible, then to meet with all who so desire, we will be on neutral territory by prior call or letter.

the Benefit of the business, opportunities for this are many. For example, the same anti-cafe, or cafe, where business meetings quite normal. By the way, next to our office there is wonderful cafe "Student" on the former site of the well-known shop "the Schoolboy". There are people very comfortably arranged with computers, books, notebooks and other materials and safely communicate.

As you can place an order.

For other regions, nothing changes. Online mode works as usual.

to Make the order, as you know, in different ways.

option 1: via the website - ORDER button. Here you form your order form, we receive a letter and update the final price and other aspects of our cooperation.

Method 2: using our online store where you also form the order, we received a letter and Refine the final price and other aspects of our cooperation.

Additional methods:

►via private message on the forum,

►via email to the address of the club, - it is advisable to send the letter to both addresses, which you them make Ares line, separated by commas.

►and even through Skype:

clubkit-97 is Skype club it in action and active in our working hours, maybe more; elena_p2007 is my Skype (Elena Savushkina), active after 12 noon until late at night. If you want to join my contact, then be SURE to write one of the code words - KEITH, unimodular, ordering of EM and TP. Otherwise the contact is not accepted because of the huge amount of spam that comes in on Skype lately. Only request for the phone to agree to my Skype chat. in addition, we have a Skype support group of the Club KIT. if you want to get into it, write me in Skype.

►if necessary, you can create a group in Telegrams-channel (write)

now the most important thing - how to get these discounts.

the specials "a Week of hot price" can expect, first of all, those who these days will come to our office during business hours.

Those of our friends who do not have the physical ability to come to us in these days, also can enjoy this promotion.

For this you just have to repost one of the following posts in Vkontakte.

FIRST Post >>

SECOND Post >>

the Post the THIRD >>

the Post the FOURTH >>

!!! All the posts interesting - not too Intrusive advertising and not selling. Choose any. Your links for repost post in this thread.

►Recall that for Valid club members discounts of this action are added to their club discounts.

►Partners store similarly -

a Commission of 10% cumulative discounts of this action.


in Addition, for guests of the club from 1 to 9 (except 8 June - Friday) there is an additional offer - 50% discounts on diagnostic testing with the use of complexes ONYX and LOTUS.

!! The same guests, who have no modulator, we offer to participate in comparative testing.

the Meaning of comparative testing is to compare readings BEFORE interacting with the modulator, and AFTER a short period of time (30-40 minutes) and to evaluate its effect on humans. This testing allows us to more accurately select unimodular.

the cost of comparative testing is equal to the cost SINGLE.

the Guest, the last comparative test, buy inomoderator not required!

Attention! This promotion is ONLY for guests!

the Big request on the diagnosis recorded in advance by calling the club, so we can better coordinate our actions.

the prices of testing at 50% discount .

• For guests that do not have EM - 1500 rubles/2 = 750,0 RUB

• To club members, partners of the store and those who have at least one modulator - 1200 RUB/2=600,0 rubles.

So bring your guests!

if you have any questions, feel free to call on office telephone (495) 502-5944, (495) 917-2743 during working hours from 13-00 to 19-00.

Or contact us at email:,

are Waiting for you in our office (Moscow).

How to reach us, please click here >>