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The MRI will be much cheaper due to diamond

Meedik 06.06.2018 at 21:00

The Intern health magazine

Scientists have found a way to make MRI machines cheaper, and the diagnostic procedure

with their help, affordable. They offer to replace the expensive superconducting

the magnets are very small diamonds, which could increase sensitivity

technology. Using the diamonds, the researchers were able to obtain more contrast

image in less time.

to Solve the problem with MRI (research method, based on the receipt

images of tissues and organs using electromagnetic waves) could

an international group of scientists under the guidance of National specialists

laboratory. Lawrence Berkeley (USA). The decision to use

microscale diamonds for devices magnetic resonance imaging was

proposed for the first time. During the experiments, experts have seen that passing

the radiation of a green laser through a group of small diamonds and at the same time

exposing them to a weak magnetic field, it is possible to increase several times

the polarization of the spins (spin — own moment of momentum of elementary particles)

compared to traditional MRI. As a result, the speed of the process takes less than

time and the images sharper and more contrast.

Scientists believe that their discovery has great scientific and commercial

prospects. The size of diagnostic devices can be significantly less

the procedure of MRI is cheaper, and the market of devices greatly expanded.