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Fresh jokes for 08.06.2018 (98 pieces)

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- Mr President, why you took Yevtushenkov Bashneft?

- There have been irregularities in the privatization process.

- So they were everywhere.

- Great idea!


still, Russia ukrainofobsky country. Cost the star of "Playboy" from the Ukraine to try a little to earn additionally in Russia prostitution - from arrest and deportation. But in Ukraine, the Russians Babchenko, Muzhdabaev, the host can prostitution is legal.


Women harmful long vrednichat.


On an expensive powder sitting king, Prince, king, Prince. The shoemaker, the tailor can't afford this.


Split personality - it is, of course, sad. However, if you want to transfer the couch, the two of us to do it much easier!


the Best capital policy: fairness, freedom, patriotism! And the remaining capital can be issued on the relatives.


1. Tired of being a cog in the machine of a soulless Corporation

2. Decide to start resistance

3. Take home a pack of paper for printer


the magnets on the refrigerator can figure out whether a person has friends who traveled abroad.


- Buy a newspaper prediction. Soon the end of the world!

- Sho again?

- This is a new prophecy!

- sho with the old one?

- And they are overdue.


If the terrorists will learn to communicate telepathically transmitting thoughts over a distance, Roskomnadzor will forbid to think.