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Preparing for a photo shoot: 10 important tips

Wedding and family photographer 08.06.2018 at 08:59

Michael noses

The success of the photo shoot is only half depends on the professionalism of the photographer, the remaining 50% from your training. No Superoptima, no structured light, no gorgeous scenery Studio can not hide a bad mood and fatigue model.

How to prepare for a photo shoot on 100? 1. The idea

Consider this: in what way do you want to see yourself in future frames?

keep in Mind 3 important points: the plot, the clothes/makeup, posture.

it is Possible in a frame or in italics: No ideas? Not afraid — the Internet can help you! Choose your favourite shots and show them to the photographer.

the more you will think through the details, the better will be the process of shooting.

2. Format

choose a suitable format: individual photo session or our photo-day.

private photo session perfect for those who decided on the idea and the image. You absolutely have no time limits and you can be sure that you will be able to realize all creative ideas.

Remember: the choice of clothes, Studio, makeup artist is with you.

our photo-day is shooting in locations with pre-designed images, but for a limited time (usually 30-40 minutes). No need to worry about anything, the photographer will take over the entire organization.

3. Details

From the strict "look" of a lens will not escape no detail! Therefore, in order to feel confident from all angles, be careful not only about clothes and makeup, but also about shoes, manicure /pedicure.

4. Rehearsal

Before a large mirror, practice the poses, gestures, movements that you want to see the footage. You will immediately see what angles suit you more and which should be abandoned. Leave only those postures which you are comfortable.

5. Studio

check the interiors of the Studio. Even in the place where you have been shooting, could be replaced by registration. (If you are in Cheboksary take advantage of our telegram bot for the selection of Studio — latest photos of interiors

there is No time to see it for yourself? Again save the Internet: each Studio has a website or a social networking account. View you need any additional decor or paraphernalia.

6. Budget

If your budget is limited, this is not a reason to indulge in a photo shoot!

you Can save on makeup and styling, but instead of renting a Studio to shoot in nature. In case the vagaries of the weather, be ready to transfer the photo shoot.

7. The choice of the photographer

what exactly is not worth saving photographer.

other "SLR" you will not get those shots that you are guaranteed an experienced photographer with professional optics (the cost of which, by the way, in the hundreds of thousands).

View the portfolio, read the reviews and, of course, communicate with him personally, it should be the person that you are fun to be around.

determine in Advance the deadlines for photo and number, so you do not worry in vain.

8. The day before...

Before the photo shoot, refrain from intense exercise (weight sport, physical work), to feel as free and natural.

you don't want unpleasant surprises? Then 24 hours before shooting do not go to a Solarium and beautician. Take care of this in advance.

9. [Newline]Avoid foods and beverages that can trigger discomfort. But with an empty stomach to go to a photo shoot, too, should not be prepared for the fact that during the preparation and conduct of photo sessions you get tired and hungry. A small snack will give you energy and inspiration.

10. Relax and be yourself

one of the main tips relax! Emotional tension is fully reflected in facial expressions and poses.

to Tune in the desired fashion will help positive thoughts and breathing. Breathe with your mouth, even when not smiling (slightly parted lips).

And, of course, be yourself! The image is a form. And the content of emotions and feelings that you live here and now. They make the photos alive. Give them soul.

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