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Jason Newstead performed with his band "the Chophouse Band". Video 30.05.2018 at 11:11

News, discography, lyrics.

In a network there was video performance of the former bassist of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" Jason Newsted (Jason Newsted) and his group "the Chophouse Band". This performance took place at the site of the Museum of sculptures (Norton Sculpture Garden) to West palm beach, FL (West Palm Beach, Florida).

the history of the group "The Chophouse Band" counts from 1992, when Newstead was founded in the San Francisco recording Studio "The Chophouse Records Studio". The basic idea of the founding of the Studio was the desire of Jason Newsted to gather friends and comrades from other groups and factions to have fun and develop those musical ideas and styles that are at odds with the music of in strict performances of those groups.

Led Newsteam "the Chophouse Band" is played on acoustic guitars and accompanied by close friends and musicians of all genres and styles, familiarize students with famous and not so famous American songs, mostly in country style. Also true of songs by the group.

the List of band members living throughout the United States, is quite extensive. And includes Chris Barnett (Chris Barnett), Mike Hughes (Mike Hughes), Tom Jordan (Tom Jordan), Joe Ledesma (Joe Ledesma), David Lopez (David Lopez), Jesus Mendez (Jesus Mendez), George. E. Perez (G. E. Perez), Mike Ramos (Mike Ramos), Brian Sagrafena (Brian Sagrafena), Angelina Saris (Angeline Saris), Chris Senini (Chris Scianni), Amir tal (Amir Tal) and Rob Tucker (Rob Tucker).

In the video below, "the Chophouse Band" performs his own song "Blackbird" (by Jason Newsted and Amir tal) and acts consisting of:

Jason Newsted (Jason Newsted) – guitar, vocals; Joe Ledesma (Joe Ledesma) – bass guitar; Robert John (Robert John Tucker) – drums, backing vocals; Amir tal (Amir Tal) – lead guitar, backing vocals.

The Chophouse Band – Blackbird (Live at the Norton Sculpture Garden):