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The anecdote about the bus driver received a commendation from his superiors

Pectrum 09.06.2018 at 05:12

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Winter, a terrible cold. Late in the evening, pretty late, comes home a young bus driver. Suffered prolonged anxiety his wife runs to him and asks:

— my Dear, why are you home so late? Did something happen?

it's nothing, honey. I just received a lot of appreciation for saving the person from his boss.

— Oh! — falls on the chair wife. — What have you done?

Today in my bus went in the wood drunk man fell asleep on the seat, and I threw him by the scruff straight into a snowdrift somewhere in the industrial area.

— What? But, dear, you mean to say that you for it also? Because you left the person to die from the cold in the snow? — grabbed the heart wife.

— no, honey! — waves hands husband. — When I went the reverse route, I saw that he was a drunkard so that the snow and lying. Well, I picked up and brought in a hot bus...