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The anecdote about interviewing pilots

Pectrum 09.06.2018 at 05:24

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One airline required the pilot. Came in for an interview the German, he began to ask,

— What's your flight time?

Sixteen thousand.

— Great! What salary do you expect?

Three thousand bucks a week. One thousand I'll take, the other give his wife, and the third to defer to the Bank.

After the German in the interview came the Frenchman. Ask it:

— What's your flight time?

— the Ten thousand.

— what salary do you expect?

For six thousand bucks a week. Two thousand will take two to give my wife and two to his mistress.

After the Frenchman came Russian. Ask it:

— What's your flight time? What salary do you expect?

— RAID, I have zero, and I want to make nine thousand dollars a week. Three thousand me three thousand for you, and for the remaining three let the German fly.