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Facebook has unveiled closed publish 14 million users 08.06.2018 at 08:51

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According to the developers, they recently found a bug which a new record when you create automatically and without the knowledge of the user received public settings. The developers specifically said that you created earlier records have remained closed, their settings have not been changed.

speaking of setting audience selection, which is available to users before you publish a new entry. You can select to show a note or photos to friends only or make it available to everyone. The caveat is that if one of the records the user has selected a certain option, then the next time it will be offered automatically. For example, after notes "for friends only" the next machine will be visible to friends only, but if a user posted something to the public, and the next note will be available "for all".

Error manifested when the developers were testing a new way to share certain types of content, such as photos. While for this type of object is selected accessibility for all, the same option was offered by default for all new user's content, not just photos.

Crash began on 18 may, 22 may, the developers have eliminated the error and it took 5 days it took to change the settings of the published records. All of the 14 million affected users command Facebook now sending letters of apology and a request to check the settings of recordings made from 18 till 27 may 2018.