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Review headphones Brainwavz Delta Mic (will also consider racking Krodul designed for in-ear headphones)

Shopper reviews shopping online stores in the world and ordinary stores 07.06.2018 at 08:24

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With brand Brainwavz, I met quite some time. At that time I only had cheap headphones. The first in-ear headphones which I bought for more than $50, Brainwavz M2 steel (then still thought that $50 is quite a lot for such a form factor). After some time, was willing to purchase the Delta. But for some reason changed his mind. I do not remember the reasons for this decision (perhaps it was the lack of a remote and microphone).

But (as you can guess from the title of this review), Brainwavz Delta, I was able to listen.

there follows a review of these headphones.

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