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Samsung is not going to buy Nokia Digital Health

Http:// - All about the technique of Samsung 04.06.2018 at 00:00

All about the technique of Samsung

Just recently, the press got the "possible stories" in which analysts of the IT market trying to convince everyone that Koreans are ripe for buying a division of Nokia, which specializiruetsya smart things connecting to mobile devices, the range of devices, mostly developed for medical use. Nokia Digital Health is nothing more than previously purchased a company called Withings, it is the Finns invested in 2016 and after the purchase has renamed its subsidiary Nokia Digital Health. Until recently, all considered the main contender for the purchase of Nokia Digital Health company Samsung, it was not until the last moment, but in a network there was a denial, the Koreans are not going to buy this company. For the production of connected medical devices Koreans work well with the Philips, so invest in a satellite unit from Nokia benefits no. Moreover, as it turns out the company Philips in the field of plug-in devices for medicine results in significantly more cooperation with this company is largely profitable and than that no change is possible. Humanity is not the development of self-control and self-regulation in the organism, and shifting their basic physical functions on the shoulders of portable electronics. This in turn leads to the collapse of civilization in the usual form. Devices ARTIK platform HealthSuite Digital just on another not to name, as a substitute for self-regulating systems of the human body.. the Nation is lazy and often not followed properly for their health, which in turn leads to diseases, in this area the gadgets from HealthSuite Digital is constantly gaining popularity. If Nokia decided to get rid of Nokia Digital Health, but with profit, in any case, the buyer will find. Here already appeared information that the company Nest supposedly showed a positive interest. It turns out that in the sector of connected medical gadgets wants to drive a wedge company Google with its billion-dollar asset. If this happens, the market for connected medical gadgets will undergo fundamental changes.