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Samsung revealed details about the may security patch for their devices

Http:// - All about the technique of Samsung 09.06.2018 at 00:00

All about the technique of Samsung

What's month, the Top holes more and more, and if you do not make regular updates, the risk of losing important and necessary increases significantly. The company's management regularly monitors Samsung security holes in their devices, and regularly releases updates with patches. I recently passed the network information about that in the near future we can expect updates for devices Samsung. The interesting thing is that the company Samsung is ahead with the release even developer OS Android. In Google as it is not thought yet to provide information about updates, and competitors have already released. It turns out that Samsung is more attentive to the security of their devices than Google regarding the security of their software products. Samsung regularly releases updates very often used Google, this would have been a habit to be the best in everything. As soon as Samsung officially announced, and he already did that, then the patches are on their way and will soon arrive to your gadget by increasing its safety and durability to all sorts of hacker delights. Update will not be all at once but one at a time, gradually all of the devices that will receive updates, all get. The patch will as fixes from the company that creates the hardware, and from Google, which supplies critical soft shell. So, if you decide to upgrade your gadget through the system, look for a patch "Android Security Bulletin-May 2018". For the last reporting period in the Android Google found 6 important security holes, in addition, there were at least a dozen different loopholes that smart and talented hackers can use to steal from you your photo memory. The Samsung was also found in the shells of holes and not too little, all the bugs in the code fixed and now everything for the next period is normal. If the patch is ready as a whole, in order to it is update on every batch of phones need more time for the acquisition of software, most likely within may, all received the update, who is not the may and June updated. If you have previously Samsung has not released updates for expensive gadgets, the average price range, but now the bug is fixed and the company is not even expensive phones bestow their attention. In Bangladesh J2 Galaxy Pro has already received the update, probably in other market of this device will get patched. New firmware is always risky and new experiences, you will learn about them next month with the release of the next patch from Samsung and Google.