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Identified the remains of a mysterious six-meter animal from Africa

News of cryptozoology 10.06.2018 at 07:35

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On the shore of the national Park Dorob in Namibia found the decaying remains of a marine animal. This publication reports the Daily Mail. According to marine biologist Simon Elena (Simon Elwen), at first, the discovery has puzzled experts. The creature had signs and a whale and a Dolphin. "The animal's body much decayed that made it quite different from Keith. In addition, in social networks there were a few confusing messages," said Elven.

According to the scientist, the degree of decomposition prevented to establish the cause of death of the animal. His lower jaw was shattered, however, these injuries could have been received when it was dead. Based on the shape of the head and snout of the animal, the researchers came to the conclusion that we are dealing with the remains of cluburile. "I was quite surprised, says Elven. — These animals in the water-we rarely see. To see him on the beach is quite a unique case."

Cleverely belong to the order Cetacea. They grow up to seven meters in length and can weigh two or three tons. They own the record for depth and length of dives among mammals. The case when klaveril reached a depth of 2992 meters. The population of this species remains unknown.

In may it was reported that on the beach in the Philippine city of San Antonio, province of Oriental Mindoro, discovered the decomposing remains of an unidentified sea animal. Length of organic mass washed ashore, was six meters. It was covered with fibers resembling hair.