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What to see in Vilnius? 10.06.2018 at 06:41

On the website published information about Russian cities and their attractions, traditions and culture of the peoples living on the territory of Russia, on the geographical and natural features of Russia. Advice for rest in Russia. There is a service excursions. One section of the website dedicated to the neighboring countries of Russia.

The Capital of Lithuania cannot be called a bright and brilliant, it is absolutely different charm. She is quiet and measured, with an abundance of buildings in the Baroque style and medieval castles. Going to Lithuania, tourists wondering what to see in Vilnius. The city has many attractions, it is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. In Vilnius a huge number of churches that continue to function as intended and are subject to inspection by tourists. Besides the Old city, they offered to visit the district Orups inhabited by Bohemians. Already in the XV century, Vilnius was a bustling and crowded markets there was a rough trade and new architectural structures.

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