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Salvini in Sicily: "the luck of the draw migrants came to an end"

Entertainment 11.06.2018 at 01:10

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The newly Appointed interior Minister on Sunday arrived in the Sicilian Pozzallo "to monitor wisedome illegals".

Matteo Salvini in a new position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of internal Affairs of Italy held a working Sunday in Sicily: "We will ensure that the country has to spend on the admission of illegal migrants less money and lose less time: this shameful business in Italy will now be less profitable, and the smugglers will be prosecuted". On Saturday Salvini said that "illegal immigrants "Lafayette" is coming to an end" (quote from Twitter Salvini).

Salvini arrived in Pozzallo (Ragusa), the landing place of migrants, one of the "hot spots", which ranks among the Sicilian cities, the most active host refugees from North Africa.

"I came to Sicily to follow wisedome," said the Minister.

what About Berlusconi's refusal to support the newly formed government, Salvini said: "I hope that we will be able to demonstrate Berlusconi facts, confirming the excellent program of this government, and to persuade him to stand with us on this path".