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Video course "Programming in java from zero to guru"

Educational magazine about computer 11.06.2018 at 03:12

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First and foremost, do not confuse Java and JavaScript are completely different languages that have nothing in common except similar names. Java is a purely object-oriented language, the main feature of which is full independence from the operating system and even devices. Everything you need to run Java programs is a Java virtual machine (JVM).

of Course, software on Java a lot. For example, in the banking sector, probably, has left applications, including server-side and that wouldn't work in Java. This is due to the phenomenal security of Java code.

Why the Java language is to learn? I see several reasons: huge demand, low competition, very high wages/incomes have Java programmers, a very beautiful language, to write programs for their needs.

Learn to program in Java from scratch in the shortest terms and with maximum efficiency!

Video course "Programming in java from zero to guru" will teach You to program in most profitable programming language in the world - Java. Thanks to rate You from zero to master this language and be able to create a program with any complexity and functionality.

the author of the course: Mikhail Rusakov - for nearly 10 years of experience in programming in various languages, creating websites and learning this very useful craft in our century of IT-technologies others. During all this time mastered under half a dozen different programming languages. But the most favorite for Michael is just Java as a language that allows you to create beautiful code, and writing a pleasure and accompany one continuous pleasure.

What knowledge will be required to pass the course? No special knowledge is required. But, of course, basic computer literacy is necessary: to know what file, to be able at least at the most basic level, to work in text editors (for example, Word, Excel), enable/disable computer, know the basic terms (file, folder, the operating system).

, And remember that our most valuable resource is time. And of course, you can try to look for something, to find some free e-book on Java, which does not understand, to look for something further, and you can just get everything at once in one place from practice.

the content of the course: Introduction Basics of Java programming Object-oriented programming in Java Exceptions in the Java Core classes in Java, creating the user interface Working with graphics Working with external resources Multithreaded programming Exercises bonuses to the course: design Patterns in Java Calculator Parser currency exchange rates

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