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Event "Tavern time" has begun!

Hearthstone® 11.06.2018 at 22:49

It Turns out That the Currents correctly identified the desired path of time, because the event "the Tavern of time" has begun! The experiment of casamica Currents turned out to be a disaster, as we expected! Magically this is an unprecedented research opportunity. Time to put on lab coats and do SCIENCE!

fortunately for us, the Currents of the future has prepared a detailed report on "the Taverns of time."

Analyze new tasks for the implementation of which can simultaneously receive and gold and arcane dust!

will Get a free pass into the arena, and then evaluate the effects of 28 the mysterious, unseen in this mode maps!

the Currents I'm sure that by July 3, she will be able to return to their seats (she'd done it before, but she had to go back in time to warn us). Fortunately, we still have time to explore the unique phenomenon — make sure to visit "Taverns of the time", while you have the chance!