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Autopilot Tesla will be fully Autonomous in August

MComp 12.06.2018 at 22:41

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In August of this year Tesla motors will receive the update IN the system. This information is announced by Elon Musk.

Top Manager said that the update to the Tesla electric cars are focused on security. Update will make the Autopilot system "Version 9". This means that the machines of the American company will have full autonomy of the office. Such information Elon Musk announced one of Internet users, who complained a top Manager on the problems with the autopilot, not with full autonomy. Musk added that the update is expected in August.

By the way, the case of Tesla now look doubtful. She faced the challenges of a budget Model 3. In the production of cars constantly revealed the marriage. In addition, the promised 5 000 produced in a week the car didn't become a reality, and Tesla has to do is collect to 2 500 units. The company has huge losses because of Model 3, and some experts believe that by the end of the year, the manufacturer may even go bankrupt. In addition, Elon Musk recently condemned the media for excessive attention to the problems of the machines his company. Supposedly they often cover accidents involving its electric cars, turning a blind eye to crash with other cars.

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