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The forum "Army-2018" in Moscow will show the su-57

MComp 12.06.2018 at 23:42

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The fifth generation Fighter will be one of the exhibits of the upcoming forum in Kubinka, as reported by the defense Ministry. The forum is scheduled for 21-26 August.

the press service of the Russian defense Ministry made a statement that at the International military forum "Army-2018" plan to exhibit the su-57 in the model of the fifth generation. Su-57 is a combination of functional capabilities as a fighter and attack aircraft. The forum is scheduled for the period from 21 to 26 August this year in Moscow Kubinka.

With the su-57 can make missiles of different types, have informed in the Ministry of defense. In particular we are talking about guided and unguided warheads, including to engage targets from the air, on land and in the air. The maximum load of the su-57 on weapons is 10 tons.

in addition, the fighter is suitable for the implementation of the monitoring mission in the airspace to monitor the situation on the ground, and can incapacitate a headquarters or control point of the enemy. A distinctive feature of the su-57 is its stealth because of its specific form and reflecting the radio wave coverage of the case.

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