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Ivan Urgant played the chanson song rapper Matrang "Medusa"

MComp 13.06.2018 at 02:32

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Hit "Medusa" continues to gain popularity. Recently, the composition of the Ossetian rapper sung Basta and Bezrukov, and ironic version of the song presented and the presenter of the show "Evening Urgant".

under the rubric of "pop stop", Ivan Urgant played the chanson song rapper Matrang "Medusa". A new version of "Medusa" from Urgant fans of the rapper Matrang perceived ambiguously. Some praised the entertainer for humor and originality, others accused him of PR at the expense of popular songs.

at the next edition of the program "Evening Urgant" become a famous musician Alexander Rozenbaum, which also pleased the audience with new versions of popular songs. Famous guest and host took turns to music of the famous contemporary hits in the style of chanson. "Medusa" Ossetian rap artist went to Ivan, who with ease and his usual irony, sang the song. It is intentionally a wrong accent in the chorus was amused the entire audience.

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