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Cameraman and photographer almost got into a fight near the "Beast" of trump on the summit, the US-DPRK

MComp 13.06.2018 at 05:51

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Both officers tried to capture the American leader, Kim Jong-UN, but are unable to find common ground and come to a mutual agreement.

today's summit between the DPRK and the United States, when he met the leaders of these countries, the photographer and the operator do not share a place at the car "the Beast" during her presentation trump. The man with the camera stood at the car, trying to shoot the heads of North Korea and the States. Later approached the cameraman and began to push in the side, but he did not react and continued his work.

Donald trump showed Kim Jong Ynu your armored car "the Beast" at the summit. After negotiations during the break, trump and his colleague went out into the street, where trump and showed Kim Jong Ynu transport.

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