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Blog. Alexander Stolbov: "When may a decree" the physician – not the decree!"

IGeek — news of high technologies 13.06.2018 at 09:24

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Last June 7, a straight line with the President of the Russian Federation, the teacher of Yakutia has informed Vladimir Putin that at the beginning of this year he lifted the salary to 60 thousand roubles, but the increase lasted only three months. In this regard, the man asked the President whether it was true that the increase in wages was temporary? The President explained that we must move forward, in any case can not be lower wages, promising to discuss the issue with governors at the next State Council of the Russian Federation.

After the straight line with the President, I decided to see how things are going with the implementation of "may decrees" of the increase of salaries of medical workers, as here, there was a similar situation. In the report of SBME " Serov city hospital," "health Serov city district in 2017 and plans for 2018", which I have provided in the office of the Duma of the CDF contains the following information:

So, in 2015, doctors had an average salary 60325 rubles, and in 2017 reached 58359 rubles. Nurses (feldshers, nurses) also demonstrated a reduction in salaries 23816 rubles in 2015 to 21317 rubles — in 2017. Only Junior medical staff (nurses) observed the growth of wages with 13817 up to 16589 rubles.

But the real salaries of doctors and paramedics, which offers GBUZ "Serov city hospital" through the Centre of employment of the population of the city of Serov, as of may 29, 2018. Please note, what's the difference between what is in the report and offer up real wages.

What is this "fork" in salary from 20 to 30 thousand rubles? For the eight-hour working day, labour code the doctor will be able to earn 20 thousand per month. For registration and additional night shifts – 30-40 thousand. The ceiling! The salary of a physician is 7.5 times more than an ordinary doctor, from which, apparently, formed, so to say, the average "temperature" of the hospital.

you Can, of course, to work to the limit, but then the risk of dying from overwork, as happened, for example, doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist from the perinatal center of the Angarsk after a 30 hour shift, increases many times.

According to the data of SBME "Serov city hospital" have incomes from entrepreneurial and other income-generating activities.

In 2017 Serov hospital, earned and 51 760 million rubles. Where, to whom these funds have gone? Because they can also be directed to increase the salaries of ordinary employees. It remains a mystery, of course, what amount to pay the hospital for the lease of the building of polyclinic №1 which does not belong. It is no coincidence that, a year ago, the trauma center moved to Kuzmin, 38, although the license has been given to him on the building which have been demolished for commercial development.

In Krasnoturyinsk city hospital, for example, the level of wages, according to the employment center in Krasnoturyinsk, in 2 times above. Maybe that's why Serova of the doctors leaving?

In 2018, in accordance with the "may decrees" of the President from 2012, the salary of doctors should be 200%, and average medical staff – 100% of the average wage in the economy of the region. According to Rosstat patch in the Sverdlovsk region in the first quarter of 2018 made 34140 rubles, respectively, the salary of doctors should be already 68280 rubles, nurses – 34140 rubles.

Suppose that the MPs will need to seriously understand how in Serov city hospital is the fulfillment of the may decrees of the President, before this report to the "beautiful figures" salary will go to the relevant Ministry, to the Governor, the President's administration.

Alexander Stolbov, public figure