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Slovenia meanwhile refused from licensing online casino

Tips from a vet 05.06.2018 at 01:20

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Despite the fact that Slovenia is among the countries whose economies are gradually progressing, its government decided to abandon in additional revenues to the state Treasury. How these funds could go to the state budget? It's simple: through taxation of virtual clubs. But Slovenia did not give approval for the licensing of virtual entertainment. The bill was rejected by the government, and his re-examination has not yet been appointed. Also the reconsideration of the bill must pass through the European Commission on the relevant issues. If the Commission approves the documents, only then local government will be able to make the next decision.

Why the rejection of licensing — not the wisest decision?

first, the licensing of the online clubs will allow the government to make a more thorough control over the gambling market virtual format. Second, local players will be much less spending time in virtual schools, which bring income to other countries. Third, the licensing would allow for online clubs tax, which will significantly affect the domestic economy. According to these reasons to refuse the license — not the right decision. Moreover, modern virtual clubs just affect the quality of services. Many players, having access to physical establishments still change them on the online site. You have searched for casino green. I think this?. It is quite a good example of a good club, which the players and give their own preference.

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