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On the work of the office of the Club KIT in the summer

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 15.06.2018 at 18:27

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

, important information about the work of the office of the Club KIT.

We remain in our office, but to work with the 18 June we will be in year format, as promised. Click on the link and read more

As was fond of saying before, "according to numerous requests of workers" we decided to keep our cozy and so convenient for all office.

But to work with the 18 of June we will in the following mode:

Tuesday from 14-00 to 19-00 Thursday from 14-00 to 19-00

If someone you need to meet with us on other days, it is possible but by prior arrangement.

All our channels of communication you will find below.

in General, the reaction of the club members, mainly Muscovites and Podmoskovya, we were somewhat surprised. A really very upset about the fact that we plan to close the office.:ha:

we Have even had the impression that everyone just spent day and night in our office. That would be so! It would be great! Tea and buns we have all had enough.

has Upset many people that it will be impossible at any time to make a diagnosis. And its quality and use has convinced even those who for some strange reason, very long did not dare to use it. :ge:

Well, of course, many, when meeting with unimodularly want to touch them, to cuddle, to podumat.

So we decided to stay in this office and we are waiting for you.

Yes, now on the diagnosis DEFINITELY need to book in ADVANCE. :bt: But it's not difficult, I assure you!

so, to contact us you can use phone, Skype and also email addresses.

Phone: 8 495 -502 5944 - this office mobile (if you are on it is not answered, feel free to leave a voice or an ordinary message, we will call back), 8 (495) 917-27-43 is a normal landline phone, which is in the office and only available during opening hours, 8 - 916 650 9349 - this is my personal mobile, which will be used to contact you, you can call from 13-00 to 20-00 ( , you can Write:

Skype club - clubkit-97 - will try to include not only on Tuesday and Thursday, but other days, my personal Skype elena_p2007 - in the contact request include the word "kit" or "modulator" (in Skype a lot of spam, so I have all the queries without specifying the reasons for contact not taking), we also have Group chat support in Skype, if you want to it prisoedinitsja, write about it and I will add you. on one of the email addresses of the club, PM me on this forum (my nickname on the forum, Elena), through the ASK a QUESTION button, which is located on the Main page of this website (screenshot "Where to find the ASK a QUESTION button" - ), via the button "feedback", which is at the bottom on any page of the website screen "Where to find the button feedback" - . In addition, we have created for you a special page where you can also ask questions (but only those who registered on the forum) about the office for diagnosis and to agree on meetings in addition to the official working days of our office (Tuesday and Thursday), if necessary.

Special page >>

As you can see, communication channels, and we have more than enough!

We love you and are always waiting for! :fg:

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