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Webinar "how it works?"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 22.06.2018 at 12:11

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

June 24, Sunday, at 18: 00 we invite you to the webinar "how it works?" Of course, we are talking about unimodular Lab Infotech.

we have conducted a questionnaire, which had different questions about modulators. Below, I have given two questions and were the answers. These questions relate to understanding how unimodularity, the principle of their action.

it turned Out that too many people these moments don't understand and that is the main obstacle to the dissemination of information about our devices.

do You experience difficulties when talking with people about unimodular?

No, I always understand when I talk about the modulators 27, arise. Sometimes I feel the lack of understanding of the listener, expressed in one form or another:confusion, surprise, resentment, and even aggression 74 do Not know, because no one talk about the modulators 19

You have enough information about unimodular or would like more?

Consider that the information on the websites of the club and the lab is quite sufficient 56 I think you need more information in video format 16 I think you need more information in audio format 2 I think you need more information on the question of principle of EM 42 don't know 7

In this regard, I decided to conduct a separate webinar dedicated to this topic. We are going to talk about how it works. We hope that this webinar will help you.

This webinar will be conducted through Hangout service (YouTube), like last time.

will Try to do so, to be able to watch from VK and FB. Through YouTube, of course, you can watch. And you can even write comments there, just for me it is not very convenient, maybe you have to switch to a different page in the browser. But in a pinch, you could. But it is better to register in the chat, which will be on the page of the webinar. And write comments there.

this time will be different chat. It will be possible to register also from all the social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+ and many others.

in addition, it is possible to log in as ANONYMOUS using your email address. Moreover, the email can be taken from the ceiling, that is, to come up with. This is for those who are not registered in any social networks, or who do not want to GLOW (Yes, there is such an approach).

is very important For me a feedback, otherwise I see little sense in our meetings. Specially picked up a paid chat option, so that was convenient to ALL!

So sign up, please, on the page of the webinar in the chat, in order to be able to write comments.

In the chat has a delay element 20 to 30 seconds, so I can not immediately reply. Here, too, you need patience.

the Link to login is still the same -

Come on in about 15 minutes.

so, see you on Sunday, June 24, at 18.00.