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Hemorrhoid treatment in Israel

Medical statistics show that about a fifth of the entire adult population of the globe is familiar with this disease as hemorrhoids and marked with the figure increasing from year to year. Despite the fact that often such symptoms are observed in people over 45 years, noted that the disease is rapidly getting younger and diagnosed lately is including young people.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

the disease Manifests itself depending on its severity, as the development takes place gradually, over one year, and therefore in most cases the early signs simply aren't noticed by patients. Experts-psychiatrists can distinguish four stages of hemorrhoids are:

the Increase of hemorrhoids, accompanied by bleeding in the bowel movement and painful itching. These symptoms in the first stage can appear and be gone again, what is considered the norm. Similar symptoms were observed in the second stage, however, it is possible to identify the characteristic prolapsed hemorrhoid that occurs in the process of bowel movement or with a sharp lifting of heavy objects. Also, there is a slight discharge of blood from the anus. In the third stage, the nodes start falling out even with a slight tension. Return them to the place it is possible only manually by setting the anus. Spotting becomes more abundant, there is inflammation around the anus. The fourth stage is characterized by the regular loss of hemorrhoids, which do not reduce to the place. Pain and frequent bleeding are the norm, and tissues around the anus become inflamed much. On the background of regularly occurring hemorrhage may develop anemia.

Hemorrhoids can be internal external or combined. In the first scenario, you have a varicose anal veins, and therefore bleeding is common, but with increased tension hemorrhoids often fall and disrespected.

the External hemorrhoids are rarely accompanied by bleeding, since nodes are not injured in the process of bowel movement due to the fact that they are outside. To treat this the manifestation is also necessary, as after some time may cause thrombosis and additional inflammation. Combined hemorrhoids combines two types of disease described above.

the Reasons for the development of hemorrhoids

the main factors in the development of hemorrhoids refers to impaired blood flow in the venous congestions, which leads to degeneration of muscle structure, the main function of which is to consolidate the nodes inside the anal canal.

Hemorrhoids is the disease which is caused by the stagnation of blood in the veins of the lower intestine. It is often called an occupational disease of those who have for a long time to be seated. In certain cases, hemorrhoids develops due to frequent constipation, and during pregnancy and childbirth. In fact, any condition that may be a bellwether of intra-abdominal pressure that can lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Diagnosis and indications for surgery for hemorrhoids

among the earliest signs of hemorrhoids include bleeding in the process of defecation. Examination by a proctologist in this case should be complete, as with its help to exclude diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which can also be accompanied by bleeding. Diagnosis involves clinical research with a full medical history, visual examination and palpation of the rectum. In persons older than 40 years using a colonoscopy and anoscopy, a comprehensive study allows not only to diagnose hemorrhoids, but also to identify associated gastrointestinal disease, if available, that the statistics are every third patient.

the Most common accompanying diseases of the colon in the presence of hemorrhoids is irritable bowel syndrome.

today the most effective means of treatment of hemorrhoids in early stages are considered minimally invasive methods, in which the hemorrhoids are removed. Often, specialists prescribe combined treatment.

the Definition of late stage involves the removal of the nodes through surgical intervention. Within hemorrhoidectomy excised venous plexus to prevent recurrence of the disease. Uses high-tech methods of performing operations of this type, thanks to which the post-operative period can be reduced several times, and the possibility of complications is excluded the maximum.

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids

Even some few decades ago, surgical intervention was considered a primary technique for the treatment of hemorrhoids today, however, such operations are assigned only in the case if the disease started. Changed and technique of surgical intervention, which currently is only minimally invasive way.

Infrared photocoagulation involves the influence of high temperature coming from a special device on the hemorrhoid. The working element of the device is applied to the site for a couple of seconds, thus causing microscopic burn, the result of which deprived of blood supply, it atrophies after a while.

Sclerotherapy is a technique that is effective in the early stages and involves the introduction into host special substances that lead to its atrophy.

Latex ring is one of the oldest methods, which is actively used at the moment due to the fact that does not cause injury and are fairly effective. Using ligation a special device on the node is put on the ring of latex. This ensures the blocking of the blood supply, which naturally leads to the withering away of formations a few days later.