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Review of the film "Night shift" Reviews 21.06.2018 at 08:24

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Aglic and Derevyanko play welders-male strippers; new Comedy Marius Weisberg.

Losing a job, true friends at first, try not to get upset: "Welder - a profession in demand," therefore, we will break. However, it soon becomes clear that they have nowhere to go - except that in a strip club where a friend invites max's youth. Sergey there initially not invited, but eventually he, too, tightened.

the Trailer of the movie "Night shift"

"Social Comedy" - exactly! - By Marius Weisberg is not devoid of private virtues. Here is a great, borrowing Soviet-style beginning: a chronicle of the Kronstadt shipyard Yantar, employees who work for the good of the country, belief in a bright future. Here, accurate - and truly social - the balance of power: currently, the factory went bankrupt, no money and never will be, the Director took for embezzlement, the bookkeeper suggests that there needs to be more effort to get already earned. Here is an episode clearly picturing corruption in law enforcement.

one Cannot deny that there are some jokes related to the main theme of the film. Funny and expressive already aliases passionately exposed artists: Eugene king Kong, Kiruha Lisbon, Vaska Obama (unfortunately, our hero anoint themselves less bright - Electrode). Ridiculous and embarrassing debut in my boxers; terrifying Privat for the teacher of literature in a suit of pseudo-Batman - but within the framework of the story even it looks terrible to say, organically: the genre of this implies. Besides, this costume played up here in another way: Max out there on the street the song "I gait", and then in such form that is in the standby site.

a photo from the shooting of the film "Night shift"

With the songs there is another surprise: in one scene of the film occurs suddenly BG with the famous line "Some get married, some so" that, too, sort of fits the plot, but on the other hand... Not to escape, in short, the feeling that Boris Borisovich should blindly trust reaching out to him with money to filmmakers. After all, the attitude of some the beautiful more than evident in consumed almost the Pushkin phrase "We own the writer never shows to anybody".

as for the rest (and even more) "Night shift" fully falls under the characteristic that one of the participants of the event gives his colleagues on the club scene: "Healthy men with baby brain." With all relevant consequences.

a photo from the shooting of the film "Night shift"

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